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My work in the company of Play

Interactive creative agency Play. Agency real creative and engaged a wide spectrum of services. Their team I was able to realize quite a few interesting sites and raise life in several ongoing projects.

Логотип сайта: The company «Vodvin»
The company «Vodvin»
Логотип сайта: Promotional website infiniti
Promotional website infiniti
Логотип сайта: AGC Glass Europe
AGC Glass Europe

My work in the company Kaledin and Partners

Working with the August 2010 to June 2011 the company Kaledin and Partners provides support for existing projects. A new experience for me was the language of communication with Parser3 which are written inside pages
And as I became acquainted with the 1C-Bitrix CMS, which is used on the project and

Логотип сайта: Support Amargo
Support Amargo
Логотип сайта: Childhood Ukraine
Childhood Ukraine
Логотип сайта: Toys & Kids Russia
Toys & Kids Russia
Логотип сайта: Hot Russian School
Hot Russian School
Логотип сайта: Kaledin and Partners
Kaledin and Partners

My works in studio Web Style

Since September, 2009 worked in studio Web Style which are engaged in working out of sites and their advancement in a network the Internet. Firm young, and from the moment of her opening I was in her the first programmer. It was my first experience in the company which has lasted about half a year. My work consisted in realization of a program part and imposition of templates. Some works are laid out here, in a portfolio.

Логотип сайта: Computer center "ESC"
Computer center "ESC"
Логотип сайта: Orsk College of Art
Orsk College of Art
Логотип сайта: Consulting Center "Success"
Consulting Center "Success"

My personal projects

In the process of acquiring professional experience and expertise I have developed and own the following sites.

Логотип сайта: Website online Testing
Website online Testing
Логотип сайта: My knowledge base
My knowledge base

My work with other customers

In this section, place the projects implemented in their free time. Customers can act as private persons and legal entities. During this collaboration I was excited to greater creative freedom.

Логотип сайта: Inquirer
Логотип сайта: Cured himself - helping each
Cured himself - helping each
Логотип сайта: The base OOO "Liftmontazhservis"
The base OOO "Liftmontazhservis"
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